How we build your business credit


Business Credit Fixed is a company with over 35 years of financial experience in working with individuals and businesses, both large and small. Our focus has always been, and continues to be, on building credit with immediate results combining a strategic plan for future stability. 

There are new tools available to build credit for businesses that have limited access to credit products and offerings because their personal credit files are considered.  Our program builds credit under a company Tax ID number (EIN) as an alternative to using a personal social security number.

Using a unique risk management tool which now blends banking and debit information with credit data we can build positive credit files.  This is an ever changing landscape with the bureau's recently announced alliance with eFunds, a leading provider of electronic payment, risk management, and information technology services.  With this solution, we now have the ability to better serve businesses by examining and monitoring business credit data along with checking account information and other related financial data areas where businesses have already shown themselves to be financially responsible, and reporting the information directly to the bureaus.

This is a full-service program that does not require your interaction with vendors.  The work of building credit is done through our expertise in monitoring and developing trade lines that report to the major credit bureaus.   Advanced Business Credit will undertake the data management of your vendor accounts, and report on them directly to the credit bureaus.  Our detailed reports will include revolving terms, credit limits, balances, payments and history directly to the bureaus.  As a financial planning service, our reports are recognized by the bureaus as independent, objective assessments of the credit-worthiness of your company.

Business credit scores help lenders, suppliers and other creditors quickly evaluate whether a business will pay its bills on time.  Much like your personal credit score how we improve your business credit score is our focus because credit scores are complex statistical models for predicting credit risk.  Here are a few steps we will take to ensure that your business credit report reflects the best scores possible for your business.

  • Check your business credit report regularly and verify that the information in it is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Establish business credit with companies that report trades. Remember, not all business creditors report their trade information.
  • Pay your creditors on time. Historical payment behavior with previous creditors plays a major role in calculating your business credit score.


FYI......Building business credit and how business credit scores are calculated is complex and here is how it works.......Business credit scores range from 0 to 100, with 0 representing a high risk and 100 representing a low risk. Scores are based on a number of factors contained in your business credit report.
  • Number of trade experiences.
  • Outstanding balances.
  • Payment habits.
  • Credit utilization.
  • Trends over time.
  • Public record recency, frequency and dollar amount.
  • Demographics such as years on file, Standard Industrial Classification codes and business size.

In addition, We will work with our affiliate, California Employment Training Funds, CETF, to secure additional business capital from the State of California.  Through this partnership, We will determine if your company qualifies for State funds that are available for employee training.  The funds are awarded through a contracting process at up to $100,000 per year for small businesses and capped at $975k for big businesses. If eligible, not only would you receive a capital investment of training funds to “upskill” your staff resources; but the State contract could itself be used to enhance your credit position, thereby securing advance private funds for faster growth.

Whether you need personal credit repair, company credit building and reporting or the availability to get training funds we are your source to growing your company.